Confidential, 24/7 care on campus

学生s are not alone at Susquehanna.  When needed, students can access mental health counseling services and resources for assistance.

Service Offerings

  • Initial 电话 Triage: 20-minute phone call to assess your needs and build your individual plan.
  • UWill Teletherapy: Up to 12 teletherapy sessions accessible throughout the calendar year
  • Individual 咨询: Up to 10 in-person, bi-weekly or monthly counseling sessions
  • Therapist on Duty (TOD): Same day, face-to-face and phone crisis counseling on campus.
  • Crisis Services 24/7/365: Crisis counselor available anytime, anywhere via telephone.
  • 组: Led by therapists, group counseling with peers who might be struggling with similar concerns.

Support Line for 学生s:


On-call therapists available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by selecting option 2.

Call during center hours for general questions by selecting option 1.

Additional Services for
Medication Management

Psychiatrists can help prescribe and maintain the use of medication. Therapists also assist students with locating pharmacies, 工作状态ng with their home providers and managing their medication when they arrive on campus.

How can counseling be helpful? 

  • Reduce anxiety
  • Increase productivity
  • Improve relationships with friends and family
  • Improve stress management skills
  • Boost confidence
Yogi black woman practicing yoga lesson, 呼吸, 冥想, doing Ardha Padmasana exercise, Half Lotus pose with mudra gesture, 工作状态...

Additional Options for Mental

  • 艾米E. Winans Center for Wellness
  • Take 5 Zones – Seibert Hall (1st floor)
    & Blough-Weis Library
  • 按摩椅

Concerned about a student? 

If someone has turned to you for help, or you see that a person you care about needs help, refer to the link below. This resource is meant to help you refer a student to a multi-disciplinary team of Susquehanna University 工作人员 that will provide support and reach out to the student.

Submit a Concern Assessment Response Evaluation (CARE) Concern Form

红色文件夹: quick-reference guide to help recognize, respond to and refer distressed students


Confidentiality is extremely important to us. You can trust that the information you share with us will be kept in strict confidence. 

According to state laws, we cannot release information (including if you are a client) to parents, resident assistants, instructors or physicians without your written consent. 然而, there are some situations in which we are legally obligated to take action to protect you or others from harm or shield a minor from abuse. 


咨询 and Psychological Services

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