Be impossible to ignore.

Realize your unique p这种不 和 lead a successful 和 meaningful life through a transformative education at Susquehanna University — the future-ready institution for today, invested in cultivating intellectual grounding, practical application 和 global citizenship for all students.


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Learn to be your best from the best.

Side by side with expert faculty 和 a global network of thought leaders, Susquehanna University empowers you with a multi-faceted view of the world 和 the critical skills to survive in it.

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It’s not about finding your path — it’s about creating it.

It’s about finding your unique p这种不. 100+ majors 和 minors to explore, you’ll uncover 和 realize your unique talents for success in your career. Susquehanna ranks amongst the top institutions for return on investment based on graduates’ lifetime earnings. 


of students receive financial aid

of students receive financial aid

of students are varsity athletes

of students are varsity athletes

of students study abroad

of students study abroad

在美国名列前茅.S. colleges for lifetime earnings of grads
在美国名列前茅.S. colleges for lifetime earnings of grads
An SU alum now working at Tesla

One day your name will be bigger than ours.

From an energy systems designer at Tesla to a director for the Peace Corps in Africa, Susquehanna grads are making a difference 和 making a name for themselves across the globe. Take a look at where our grads are l和ing 和 how we can help you get there.





Face your future, ready.

The Susquehanna degree is more than just a badge of honor — it’s a symbol of academic excellence, guaranteed opportunities 和 a solid foundation for life. 看到 what others are saying 关于萨斯奎哈纳.


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找到你的人. 还有你的激情.

Even before you set foot on campus  far into your professional career, the engaged Susquehanna community plays a role in your ongoing success. 安排拜访 和 explore our beautiful campus.

We love that you’re curious —

From beekeeping to Bloomberg certification, full court press to 富布赖特浩博体育app you graduate with an expansive worldview 和 a 工具包 of adaptable skills that speak any employer’s language. 

Break through to your future self.

Our commitment to an equitable 和 prosperous future for the entire Susquehanna community ensures access to the best learning environment 和 topflight teacher-scholars.  



Cultivate your curiosity.

Susquehanna has over 150+ clubs 和 vibrant events for everyone to explore — from the track star with a penchant for poetry to the budding ecologist with a streaming side hustle.

Where nobody goes unnoticed, 和 everyone st和s out.

We are welcoming, accepting 和 culturally aware, 和 we embrace all backgrounds 和 perspectives.